Now you can open psd files in Dream Weaver

an image of dream%20weaVER Dreamweaver CC1 by HBKCute
Well the long wait for a program to take your design mock-ups and merge them into a web development program has finally taken a step in the right direction. Adobe the developer of Photoshop and Dream Weaver has finally merged the gap web design and developers have all been waiting for. Now using Dream Weaver you can take you Photoshop mock-ups and import them directly into Dream Weaver. This will save website developers hours of time. Sitepoint has written a great article detailing this new technology advancement.

“There have been many attempts to merge these two very different processes to essentially create a graphic design tool that can output production-ready code. While their intentions have been noble, we all understand the difficulty in auto-generating code that is as clean as the code that you manually craft.

Adobe are taking a new approach to bridging that design-code gap. Dreamweaver CC 2014.1 is the first web development tool that can give you direct access to your PSD comps. That’s right, you can surgically extract any image, color or CSS value from Photoshop document straight into your coding window..”

While there is much to learn and test out about this new break through. It looks like Adobe is heading in the right direction and soon we’ll all have another great tool in our arsenal.