How to Manually Upgrade WordPress Platform for Your Website

It is important to know how to upgrade the WordPress platform, in case you wish to keep your WP blog updated to the latest version. There are various reasons why you would like to have it up to date, security issues being the most important. When you keep your WP installation up to date, you can minimize many of the security loopholes in your blog. With every new upgrade for WP, there comes new plugins, features and templates. There are two ways to upgrade the platform – manually and automatically. Find out how to manually upgrade the WP platform for your blog or website.

Download the updated WP version

If you want to manually upgrade WordPress, you have to download the updated version of the platform. You have to unzip the platform to a folder that is located on your hard drive. Remember where you are keeping it.

Open up your FTP program

Next, you have to open your FTP program. Use your admin and password to log into your website. You have to note the location where WP is being installed – whether it is in a root folder or in another folder, like /blog.

Go to the updated WP files

After you have spotted your WordPress installation folder on your own website, you would like to navigate to the updated WP files that you have unzipped on the hard drive of your computer.

Upload the upgraded WP files

Then, you have to upload the upgraded WP files into the corresponding folders on the website on your hard drive. This is essential. The wp-content folder should be the only exception to having the files overwritten. In case you are using any special WP plugins or themes, you will not like to overwrite the folder. Otherwise, you will end up losing your WP theme and need to upload it again.

Update your database

Once you have uploaded every WordPress file, you would like to go back to your own browser and then log into the WP blog on your website. In case you also need to update your database, you have to click on a link that is displayed by WordPress and follow the directions in order to update the platform.

Check the WP version

You have to ensure that everything is properly working and check the WP version to ensure you have properly uploaded everything and your upgrade for WP has become effective.