Web Design And Icons – Tips And Examples

Image of website iconsDigital interfaces are filled with modern icons and any web developer or designer needs to be aware of them. Icons allow you to organize a website and they have many functions as well. Basically, they are an easy visual method that allows you to convey important information.

Icons have been a part of web design since the inception of the internet. They are pictorial symbols that have a language all of their own. The graphics they use are known all over the world, including things like printers, folders and so on. It is, however, very important to understand just what they are and how you can use them.

Styles of Designs

Icon design is a very broad ranging term. There are some minimalistic and simple icons, for instance, which are known as having a “flat design.” At the same time, there are highly realistic icons created in Illustrator or Photoshop. Depending on your specific project, you will have certain needs. Most icons are somewhere in between the two extremes.

The minimalist design is incredibly popular in the world of web design.

“In the case of minimal web design, it’s all about clean layouts, little use of color, and few design elements. This means that when icons are required, they should posses the same minimal design qualities.”

iOS 7 and iOS 8 tend to use line icons. This is also seen in more and more smartphones and other such devices. However, it isn’t about one option being the best. Rather, you need to understand your needs and the choices that are available.

If you want to learn more about the two sides of the spectrum, there are some great resources available to help you gain a greater understanding and decide which one is best for you.

“Once we had defined the idea of “Flat design vs Realism or Skeuomorphism”, and the personalities of the protagonists, we researched in detail the two design styles, to really discover the particularities of each one.”

Your Company Brand

It is obvious that you will have to spend some time thinking about linking your icons to your company brand. Thanks to icons, you can quickly communicate an idea to your visitors. Using graphics and symbols that link to your brand, your visitors will create a memorable attachment to you. This is absolutely vital to the success of your business.

Additionally, you can focus on a single branding effect with your icons. For instance, you could create a full set of icons, using a single style. This allows you to create a sense of unity, while at the same time highlighting the important differences. This allows you to make sure that your website will really stand out from the crowd.

There are, again, various examples of how this could work. Since website designs are becoming increasingly minimalistic, really using the space that you have available in a good way is hugely important. One popular option is to create staff member avatars that people can click on in order to learn more about the individual services that they offer. In doing so, your customers immediately see that you care about their visual enjoyment, by using custom-made icons and other graphics, rather than just using something that is readily available. This shows commitment and uniqueness and really highlights a brand.

If you want to use icons in your website design, you need to learn how to create your own. You also need to learn how to make sure these all look the same, while clearly being different at the same time. Being able to do so will truly set you a foot above everybody else.